Are YOU ready to say goodbye to sugar?

  Do You:

  • feel tired?
  • always feel hungry?
  • have to have an afternoon/evening sweet fix?
  • feel bloated?
  • have no energy?
  • know you eat too much sugar?
  • not know where to start after watching documentaries about sugar?

  Would you like to help your body avoid:

  • type 2 diabetes?
  • dementia?
  • heart disease?
  • high blood pressure?
  • depression?
  • cancer?

(Just to name a few things that sugar can contribute to)

  How can you feel better and improve your health?

By getting rid of sugar out of your life!  Join my 10 day Sugar Send Off progam, starting Saturday 26 September, where I will give you the information, help and support you need to either drastically reduce the amount of sugar in your life or hopefully get rid of it totally.  At the end of the 10 days you will be feeling healthier, in control, satisfied, knowledgeable and empowered to continue on, well past the 10 days of the program.

So what do you get for your hard earned money on my 10 Day Sugar Send Off Program?  

  • daily emails with the steps needed to give sugar the ultimate send off
  • 7 day meal plan
  • access to a closed Facebook support group
  • my beautiful PDF sugar free recipe book (with over 40 sweet and savoury recipes)
  • knowledge
  • decrease in weight and/or centimetres
  • more energy, less bloat, fewer headaches, a satisfied hunger
  • a desire to rid sugar from your life

For the low price of only $34.95

Sound good?

Are you ready to take control of your addiction and to start feeling like the awesome person you know you are?

Take action today!!

Next round begins Saturday 26 September 2015

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I am not a dietician or nutritionist, just a Mum who knows what works, so feel free to consult your doctor or health advisor before starting my program (preferably a health professional that understands the damage that sugar can do to your health)