Mindful or Mindless


Mindful or Mindless

I have a question for you….when you eat your food, do you do it mindfully or mindlessly?

As you might know, this month I am doing my second round of Whole30, and when I sit down to eat I am making a conscious effort to actually pay attention to what I am doing. Usually when I eat, I have my phone right beside me and I am scrolling through facebook and instagram to see what I am missing out on…whilst eating mindlessly. This month I am trying really hard to leave my phone in a different place while I eat and concentrate on what I am eating….eating mindfully.

Have you ever stopped to really look at what you are eating? Looked at the beautiful colours on your plate? Do you dish things up willy nilly, or do you try to present it nicely? I’m usually a willy nilly type of girl, but because I am taking photos of every meal this month, I am actually stopping to think about what the meal looks like on the plate. I’m not the best at this, and to lots of people it probably doesn’t look like I’m doing anything different, but it makes me feel a little bit prouder anyway that I have put some extra effort in 😉


Do you eat when you are hungry, or when the clock tells you to? I can be a bit guilty of the latter there, although lunchtime seems to be happening around 1.30pm (or later) these days. Today however, I actually looked at the clock and thought “wow, it’s 2 o’clock and I’m not hungry”. So did I have lunch…no I didn’t.   I ended up having a small snack at 4pm instead. Mindful eating.


When you put the forkful into your mouth do you just chew away mindlessly or do you stop to actually enjoy the flavours, the texture, the shapes, the sizes, the smell, the sensations? Do you ever close your eyes when you eat so you can heighten the experience? I urge you to give it a try (yes I am a fruitloop lol) 🙂 Do you think about whether the food you are devouring is helping to heal your body, or hindering your health? That is a very important question to ask yourself. If it is not helpful to your body, then why are you eating it? Is it habit, addiction or just that it tastes so darn good that you really don’t care? During this month I am trying to think that each mouthful is healing my body as I eat it and I’m also grateful that I have such delicious and healthy food to eat. Are you grateful for what is on your plate?


Hopefully I have given you some food for thought (pun intended 😉 ) here today. Eating can be a really pleasurable experience and I urge you to think about if you are really hungry and if you are, put down the phone (or newspaper, book, tablet, mazagine…whatever normally distracts you), arrange your food attractively, appreciate how it looks, savour all the sensations with every mouthful you take and be grateful for the delicious food you are healing your body with.

Mindful or mindless….the choice is yours.



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