Hi and welcome to Sugar Freedom!

I’m Di and I live in sunny Brisbane with my three gorgeous munchkins . Our household has been sugar free since Sunday 22 July 2012 – which was the day I finished reading a book called “Sweet Poison – The Quit Plan” by David Gillespie. That book dramatically altered the way I thought about sugar. It made me aware that I had an addiction and that for the sake of my health, I needed to break it. I knew that to convince the kids to ditch the white stuff too, that I was going to need some pretty tasty alternatives to all the sugar loaded things they were used to. Hence my tinkering with my favourite recipes began.

This site is a place for me to share those tasty sugar free recipes as well as hopefully providing you with some interesting blogs relating to our food journey. If you would like to be kept up to date with news and recipes that I publish, then please subscribe to my newsletter by popping your details into the subscription box at the bottom of this page (don’t worry I will NOT give your details to anyone else and I won’t bug you on a daily basis with emails either!!) Have a good look around while you are here and I hope you find something that takes your fancy.

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