Below are some links that I think you might find useful.  Most of them are my affiliate links (which means I just get a little bit of pocket money if you use my link 😉 …..doesn’t cost you any more though). 
These are products that I use and recommend 🙂


If you need some help with quitting sugar, then you should check out my online program designed to help you do just that




For the new The 2014 Australian Sugar Free Shopper’s Guide from David Gillespie (affiliate link) 


If you need some help further sugar free recipe ideas then Sarah Wilson has a great range of books to help you out:
I Quit Sugar Books (affiliate link).  One of her books even features one of my recipes! 🙂





For an awesome blender (like my Optimum 9400): (affiliate link)                                                                                                            





For top quality pots, pans, knives, silicone bakeware and everything in between, I use and recommend the amazing products from The Chefs Toolbox: (affiliate link)


To clean your home and body without all the nasty chemicals, I use and recommend the Neways range of products: (affiliate link)


For all your essential oil needs, I use and recommend the doTERRA range of beautiful essential oils: (affiliate link)