ICING SUGAR (dextrose)


ICING SUGAR (dextrose)

ICING SUGAR (dextrose)
Preparation: 2-10 mins Makes: about 1 cup
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  1. 1 cup dextrose
  1. To make dextrose icing sugar, place dextrose into a blender (not a food processor) and blend for 3 minutes or so until it resembles the texture of icing sugar (If you have a high power blender then it should only take 20-30 seconds). It pays to tilt the blender as you go to ensure all the dextrose has a chance to hit the blades and make sure you have read the important note above.
  1. IMPORTANT: This is fairly hard on the motor of the blender, so it might be a good idea to do little 20 second bursts over a longer period rather than have the blender going flat out for 3 mins straight or you might blow up the motor!!
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