Goodbye Sugar


Goodbye Sugar

  • DateMay 31, 2014

Why would anyone in their right mind want to say goodbye to yummy, delicious, mouthwatering sugar??


Well the short and sweet (pun intended 🙂 ) answer is that it is making us FAT and SICK.

Let me begin with sharing what being sugar free means to me.  My view of sugar free is consuming as little fructose as possible. Being sugar free has many different meanings to many different people, but to me it is all about avoiding fructose.

Why would I want to avoid fructose you may ask? Well, it is because I don’t like: 

  • Having headaches
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Being bloated and gassy
  • Having no energy
  • Constantly feeling hungry

 (remind you of anyone you know??)

 andI want to give my body the best chance possible of avoiding: 

  • Dementia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Depression
  • Cancer 

All of these diseases (as well as many other ailments) have been linked to fructose consumption.

You might be wondering just what the heck is this fructose stuff and where is it lurking?

Well, fructose is half of what makes up sugar – the other half of sugar is glucose. Sugar is in over 80% of the food that you eat, which means that 80% of the time you eat, you are most likely blissfully unaware that you are consuming fructose. And it is not just in the obvious sweet things that you eat, but plenty of savoury things too (check out your bottle of BBQ sauce for a perfect example…one popular brand is over 50% sugar, which is more sugar than chocolate topping!!)

Why is it in over 80% of our food?
Because it’s cheap, it tastes good and it is ADDICTIVE which means you buy more of the product which makes the food manufacturers extremely happy and rich! They don’t care about your health….they just care about their profits, so they keeping pumping it into all sorts of foods to feed your addiction and to keep you buying their products. 

I want you to think about the fuel gauge in your car.  When you pump fuel, the tank in your car can only hold so much and the pump stops pumping fuel when the tank is full.

Our bodies are like the fuel tank in your car, in that we have a hormone called Leptin (fuel gauge) whose job is to tell your brain that you have eaten enough.  When your brain gets that message from leptin you stop pumping the fuel (eating the food), because your body doesn’t need any more fuel.  Have a guess as to what stops the brain getting that all important message from leptin??  Yep, fructose. 


This is why I believe we have an ever increasing population (and I don’t mean the number of people on this planet…I mean the SIZE of the people).  Fructose inhibits the bodies’ natural ability to tell you YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH TO EAT and so you keep shovelling it in. Are you still hungry after a bag of lollies or a big bowl of fruit salad? Of course you are because the fructose you have just consumed is not letting your brain get the message that you have just eaten and so you eat some more!

Prevalence Of Overweight and Obesity

This is a scary chart showing the ever increasing obesity rate of children in Australia.  Note that it only goes up to 2007, which was 7 years ago – imagine what it is now!  Over 25% of our children are overweight/obese!!  Let’s put that another way – 1 in 4 children (one quarter) are overweight.  This growing trend needs to STOP! The food manufacturers are not going to stop putting sugar into the food that you feed your children, so YOU need to make informed choices as to what you have in your cupboard to fuel the bodies of your little (or not so little) loved ones. Our children are our planet’s future so let’s give them the best chance to outlive us, which is something this generation is not expected to do 🙁


Ok, so you know that fructose contributes to a range of health issues, that it is in over 80% of the foods you eat, it is addictive and that it stops your brain from recognising that you have had enough to eat (causing you to overeat). Do you think it is something that you should be limiting the consumption of? Only you can answer that question. I am not telling you that you should limit your fructose intake, but if you want better health, or to maybe drop a few kilos, or have more energy etc then you might want to consider at least giving it a go.

Where do I start, if it is in so many things you might ask? A good place to start is to look at the nutritional panel on any food item that you purchase (or already have at home). You want to look at the sugars per 100g part of the label (not the per serve column) and if the sugar content is higher than 3 grams of sugar per 100 grams, then leave it on the shelf. 

There are a couple of exceptions to the 3g of sugar per 100g rule.  Tinned tomatoes for example are slightly higher than 3g per 100g, but they don’t contain added sugar, so I do use them. You might also find plain nuts don’t fit this rule, but they are packed with fibre so they are ok too. Keep in mind when you are looking at dairy that the first 4.7g of the sugar is lactose which is ok (just check that sugar is not an ingredient).

Another place to start is to not buy/consume low fat products. Yes, I know this goes against all the wonderful nutritional information we have had drummed into us for the past few decades, but low fat items are not doing you any favours. They have added sugar to replace the deliciousness of the fat that has been removed.

So what do you have instead of low fat versions….full fat versions!! How long has it been since you had a drink of full cream milk, or a generous smear of butter on a hot corn cob, or a huge dollop of cream in your coffee, or eaten cheese without feeling guilty? When you live a sugar free life you can enjoy all of these delightful and delicious foods guilt free and guess what else?? They actually make you feel full and the best thing….they won’t make you fat!!!

If you want to give the sugar free thing a go (and I hope you do), then the couple of things I have mentioned here would be a good place to start. If you can avoid any sweet things (even sugar free sweet things) for a couple of months, then it will give your body a fighting chance to end your sweet addiction once and for all.

Please feel free to post any comments/questions below or alternatively over at my facebook page where we have a lovely community of people that are only too happy to help out with advice.

Please check below for links to some books and videos and my online course that may help you with your journey (some of them are affiliate links, but they don’t cost you any extra, I just earn a couple of dollars to help purchase ingredients to create more yummy sugar free recipes for you  🙂

All the best for your journey,

Cheers, Di 🙂

I have created an online program to help you say goodbye to sugar.  It is affordable, easy to follow and will help you significantly to free yourself from the grips of sugar.  Click here for more information abut “The 10 Day Sugar Send Off”.

If you want some help navigating the supermarket then you might find this guide useful.  It lists all the foods that fit into the 3g or less per 100g rule, making it easier than ever to make better choices when you shop.   It is only $6.95 and you can get it from my affiliate link here.


If you want further info about fructose and how to get rid of it from your life, then I recommend you read “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan” by David Gillespie (it is the book that started me on my sugar free journey).



And of course there is my sugar free recipe book that you can purchase via the “Store” tab above, which has breakfast and dinner recipes for you as well as sweet recipes that you can use once you have broken your addiction.

Book Cover - Small

For a really great video that sums up the evils of fructose in a super easy way to understand, check out “Sugar is Killing Us

For a more detailed video (45 min documentary):



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    Agree 100%! Sugar is our death.

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    Kimberly Humphrey May 31, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    Great site di. Very informative but easy ready. You are amazing and an inspiration:)

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    Great website Di – following your suggestions I have given up sugar altogether, I only have it in the house for when visitors may like to have sugar in their tea or coffee and I can’t convince them to leave it out of their diet.

    Congratulations on your presentation and layout of your website – it’s Fantastic and wish you all the very best with the publication of your sugar free recipe book !!

  •    Reply
    Jane Alison Harriet Whitelock June 11, 2014 at 11:36 am

    True words, well explained. I’ve been fructose free for over 3 years – its liberating and feels right!

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    Great blog Di

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    We just iced a Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing topped with Chocolate Chip Pieces for our cake by the slice!

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