7 Days of Breakfast


7 Days of Breakfast

For soooo many years I have been a toast and cereal kind of breakfast girl. This started way back when I was a young lass, in the days where we all sat around the table as a family with the cold toast sitting in the toast rack waiting to be buttered after we had finished our weetbix and milk.  This style of breakfast eating carried on for many years (although I quickly learnt that toast buttered whilst still warm was so much nicer than cold toast, and the sitting around the table with a formal setting ended when I left home).

A few years ago my breakfast every day would have been toasted muesli (with lots of dried fruit) topped with a smoothie made with low fat yoghurt and low fat milk. Day in, day out this is what my breakfast was….no mixing it up from day to day, other than maybe switching from berry yoghurt to peach yoghurt.  How bloody boring, not to mention my “healthy” breakfast was filled with fructose!

These days things are a little different. On very rare occasions I have cereal and if I do it is normally just weeties or weetbix with full cream milk (nothing particularly exciting or filling there!)  I sometimes post photos of my breakfast to my facebook page but thought you might be interested to see what a whole week of my breakfasts look like.  I also thought you might like some ideas of what YOU could be having for breakfast too if you want to get away from toast and cereal, so here we go. 

Wednesday: (Yes, I know Wednesday is a weird day to start a 7 day thing, but that is the day I had my blog post brainwave, so I went with it 😉 )
Leftover Lamb Curry (well mainly just the leftover sauce and a couple of pieces of meat) with fried egg topper (egg fried in butter in separate pan).
Wed Lamb Curry fried egg

Leftover Pork Goulash, rice, egg fried in butter in separate pan, then topped with grated cheese
Thu Pork Goulash rice fried egg grated cheese

Leftover mashed spud, red onion, bacon, mushroom  topped with grated cheese. Fry the chopped bacon, onion and mushrooms in lots of butter, then add cold mashed potato and spread out over base of pan.  Let it sit for a few minutes to heat up and crisp up, then carefully turn it over to crisp up the other side.  Transfer to serving plate and top with grated cheese.
Fri fried mashed spud with onion mushroom bacon grated cheese

I was away camping for the weekend (ahhhh bliss) so bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes (all cooked in lashings of butter) and avocado.
Sat Camping

Still camping, so it was a carbon copy of Saturday and just as delicious.  It’s hard to beat a yummy brekkie, balanced on your knee in beautiful, peaceful surroundings with great company 🙂
Sun camping

Beef Bone Broth with shredded kale and poached egg.  I was actually running a bit short of time this morning and would usually have two eggs, but I knew I didn’t have time to eat two so it was just the one which meant I was hungry before lunchtime came around.
Mon Bone Broth kale egg

Leftover Curried Mince with grated cheese
Tues Curried Mince grated cheese

So there you go.  7 days of breakfast and not a piece of cereal or toast in sight!  This is pretty standard of what I usually have for breakfast too….it wasn’t just a show for you and my blog post.  Quite often we have dinner leftovers and they make a great breakfast.  If we are having mashed potatoes for dinner then I always throw a few extra spuds in the pot to ensure there are leftovers for brekkie the next day (you just have to be quicker than the kids to put dibs on it for the morning 😉 )

I would love to know what you have for breakfast, so please use the comment box below and share your brekkie ideas with us. The whole idea of this post was to show people that breakfast can be anything so don’t be shy, let us know what you have.

Thanks heaps for taking the time to read my post and comment.
Cheers, Di 🙂


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    Yum! Friday’s breakfast looks delicious and I have some mash in my fridge so guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. For some reason I’ve been reluctant to have dinner leftovers for breakfast but you’ve inspired me, thanks!

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    I was a little reluctant to try eating “dinner” type meals at breakfast but I am thinking …why not? I had a great breakfast the other day in the more traditional style: poached eggs, goats cheese, avocado, crispy salmon, roasted cherry tomatoes, dry fried chorizo strips, bacon and sourdough toast 🙂

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